Staff Support and Influence

Provided support for outcomes in:

Domestic Violence 

  • 2008 Public health advisory issued on domestic violence issued by Maine CDC Director at Governor’s press conference with Maine Medical Association
  • 2009 Maine Development Foundation’s Leadership Unplugged events with business leaders discussing why preventing domestic violence matters to their businesses
  • CDC includes ACEs questions in BRFSS in 2010 and 2011 and questions included in the first all-tribal health assessment
  • Maine Economic Growth Council’s Measures of Growth expanded to include 4th grade reading levels
  • 2011 Bingham convenes press conference with men in law enforcement and domestic violence prevention calling for more men’s involvement
  • 2011 Governor’s press conference with men, business leaders, Department of Labor and Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence to announce new DOL tools for businesses
  • Since 2011, the Governor has addressed domestic violence prevention in weekly radio addresses and proclamations

Early Childhood 

  • Since 2010, increased and coordinated philanthropic funding for early childhood
  • 2011 Creation of the Maine Early Learning Investment Group
  • 2011 Entire Hanley Leadership Class devoted to Early Childhood issues and Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • On-going — Legislation protecting and expanding quality early education and care


  • Beginning in 2009, an on-going legislative communications campaign on early childhood brain development and advocacy has mitigated a variety of funding cuts to childcare and early education and Maine Families’ Home Visiting program, increased Head Start slots and secured passage of universal Pre-K and, most recently, passage of “An Act To Protect Children in the State from Possible Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse by Persons Who Have Been Convicted of Crimes.”
  • 2013 University of Maine study by Professor Trostel on economic benefits to Maine of early childhood investment
  • On-going — legislation protecting and expanding support for people with low incomes, public health nursing and home visiting for new borns, environmental health standards affecting children’s brain development.

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