Strengthening individual knowledge & skills

  • Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault – FY 10-12/$85,838 primarily to work in conjunction with Boys to Men and Add Verb to work with young men to become more than bystanders when confronting inappropriate behavior of their peers.  Backbone Zone website and Facebook page still operating.
  • USM Muskie Center – FY 09-11/$93,585 to develop and deliver training to Guardians ad Litem, in person and on-line, to increase their ability to recognize, evaluate and deal appropriately with domestic violence in their custody cases.   150 attorneys, social workers, batterers intervention staff and licensed counseling professionals participated in training and a replicable curriculum was developed and tested.
  • Add Verb Productions – FY 09-11/$75,000 for a longitudinal study using the interactive play You the Man to determine the efficacy of using the play as an intervention in dating abuse and violence prevention in high school.  Published report on You the Man: Theater as bystander education in dating violence.
  • Hardy Girls & Boys to Men FY 08, 11 & 13/$63,989 to strengthen the ability of young people to recognize gender stereotyping and to speak up in situations where before they would remain silent.
  • Maine Children’s Alliance – FY 08-09/$69,000 to work with in coalition with others to raise awareness and strengthen prevention efforts on Shaken Baby Syndrome.  All new parents receive information before leaving the hospital.

Promoting Community Education

  • United Somali Women FY 14 -15/$86,566 to engage refugee/immigrant men in education on and leadership in domestic violence prevention in the New Mainer community.
  • Wabanaki Mental Health FY 14-16/75,000 to support Wabanaki communities in understanding ACEs, historical trauma and in building resilience in the community.
  • Family Crisis Services — FY 12/$4,750 to develop a wider base of community support within schools for the prevention of violence.  The Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program website is still providing up to date resources for teens, parents, teachers and activists.
  • Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence FY 08/$15,850 for two gatherings of men and boys to raise awareness and discuss barriers and strategies to shifting social norms that define manhood in the culture and for production of a training video (with over 19,000 views on YouTube) based on Maine survivors’ experiences to explain the Power and Control Wheel.

Educating Providers

  • Add Verb Productions  FY 09-12/$41,900 to develop, refine and expand platforms for an interactive presentation with strategies and tools for the health care sector to increase its effectiveness in violence intervention and prevention. The two person play Major Medical Breakthrough was presented in Maine, New England and in Baltimore and at APHA to medical students, interns, nurses and physicians and there are 11 short videos on YouTube for providers that are part of UNE coursework on domestic violence.
  • American Academy of Pediatrics, Maine Chapter; Maine Association of Psych Physicians; Maine Medical Association; Maine Osteopathic Association over several years/$11,000 for conferences and workshops promoting ACEs awareness and resilience. One of the most significant outcomes has been the partnership across sectors, lead by MAPP, to organize the Coalition for the Advancement of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.  The Coalition addresses the needs related to a lack of a written plan for children’s mental health in Maine (federally and statutorily required for our state), the lack of sufficient resources in identification and treatment for kids, the absence of integrated and coordinated family AND child treatment (separated now both in practice and funding), and cross sector collaboration and advocacy with the legislature, in coordination with MMA and many other statewide organizations.
  • Maine Primary Care Association/Physicians for Social Responsibility – FY 09-11/$64,379 initially to provide in-person training to physicians (389) and medical staff (633) by other physicians; evaluation of the training; and development of a web-based course.  An evaluation of a small sample of physicians reported that across all categories of female patients, screening for dv increased 42%.  A CME course, Domestic Violence Response Initiative, accredited through the American Osteopathic Association and the Maine Medical Association is available on-line at the UNECOM – Mandatory CME Courses for State Licensure for $29.
  • Maine Children’s Trust – FY 08-09/$65,000 to support Strengthening Maine Families’ development of tools for early childhood providers in their work to engage parents.
  • Family Crisis Services — FY 08-09/$26,928 for research to determine the level, if any, of screening for dv by couples’ counselors.  The results of the research were widely shared and resulted in the passage of LD 1238 “An Act to Improve Professional Training for Licensed Mental Health Clinicians” in 2013.

Fostering Coalitions & Networks

  • Maine Resilience Building Network — FY 13-19/$312,146 resulting in a statewide network of individuals, providers, school and community groups, raising awareness of ACEs and implementing trauma informed practices.
  • United Way of Greater Portland  —  FY 14-16/$20,000 to support a coordinator of the Early Childhood Funders’ Group.  In the six years the group has been operating over $6.5 million has been invested in supporting, promoting and expanding early quality childcare and education programs, policies and staff.
  • Maine Children’s Trust — FY ’11/$5,000 to finance a grant writer to apply for ARRA funds to be used to further the work of the Maine Children’s Growth Council resulting in a federal award of $664,000 over three years.
  • Maine Chamber of Commerce — FY 09/$5,000 for six regional Chamber meetings on the subject of early childhood brain development and the importance of early investment.

Changing Organizational Practices

  • Waldo County General Hospital — FY 16-17/$45,000 to implement a high quality three county hospital-based Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner program to provide sexual assault victims of all ages access to SAFE nurses 24/7.
  • Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence — FY 10/$5,000 for a planning grant to leverage funding for a multi-faceted, multi-system, trauma-informed intervention in the field of mental health.
  • Dr. Vincent Felitti’s visits FY 10/$7,500 helped spur greater understanding of ACEs in community agencies and coalitions, medical providers, educational, health and human services and juvenile justice settings leading to data gathering and policy development including the ACEs questions in the State’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and the Maine tribes’ first comprehensive Native Community Health Assessment, and helping advance the notion of restorative justice in the juvenile justice community.
  • Family Crisis Services  — FY 08-09/$26,928 for research to determine the level, if any, of screening for dv by couples’ counselors.  The results of the research were widely shared and resulted in the passage of LD 1238 “An Act to Improve Professional Training for Licensed Mental Health Clinicians” in 2013.

Influencing Policy and Legislation

  • Maine Children’s Alliance — FY 14-16/$20,000 to coordinate the work of the Start ME Right coalition in the legislature and to convene a Children’s Convention.
  • Council for a Strong America — FY 15-16/$30,000 to bring the voices of law enforcement, business, and the military to the early childhood legislative debate.
  • Environmental Health Strategy Center — FY 09-16/$232,000 for Kids Safe Products Act implementation and environmental health advocacy affecting early brain development and children’s health. Rules written but continuing advocacy regarding rule-making and implementation is on-going. Safe Drinking Water veto sustained and organizing continues.
  • A $26,928 grant to Family Crisis Services in 2006 for research on dv screening by couples counselors resulted in the passage of LD 1238 “An Act to Improve Training for Licensed Mental Health Clinicians in 2013”.
  • Hanley Center — FY 11/$5,000 to support the Hanley Leadership Class focus on ACEs awareness and early childhood policy options.
  • Maine Development Foundation  FY 08-9, 11, 13/$111,200 for focused work in their Leadership Maine, Maine Economic Growth Council and Maine Employers’ Initiative programs to build political will for early childhood investment resulting in:  Leadership Maine Team project entitiled Violence in Maine: Understanding the True Costs to Businesses and the Economy; 50 speaking engagements mentioning domestic violence and/or early learning; Leadership Unplugged events on domestic violence in the workplace and early brain development; distribution of 300 DOL employers’ tool kits for dealing with DV in the workplace;  MDF staff as Maine Children’s Growth Council chair; two Maine Policy Leaders’ Academy events; “Making Maine Work: Early Childhood Investment;” study by U Maine professor Phil Trostel on the economic returns on early childhood investments in Maine.
  • Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence — FY 07/$5,000 to organize support for LD1627, “An Act to Protect Families and Enhance Public Safety by Making Domestic Violence a Crime”.  Passed and signed into law, July 25, 2007.
  • Other important legislation that passed in 2016 without direct Bingham support included bills requiring school staff and faculty to have training on child sexual abuse awareness and response; creating a Class D crime for the unlawful distribution of private sexual images (also known as revenge porn): remedies for victims who were wrongly denied leave under Maine’s current Employment Leave for Victims of Violence law; and, exending housing protections for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

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