Community Allies

Out of State

Out of State

  • $10,000 from the PEW Charitable Trusts for 6 local business summits on early childhood
  • $664,000 American Recovery Act money for Maine Children’s Growth Council support and communications, Maine Families’ Home Visiting
  • $275,000 from Nellie Mae Foundation for communications to legislators and business on early childhood

Maine Early Childhood Funders

Advocacy & Public Policy

  • Support for advocacy at the state level to improve early childhood systems and services; support for national experts to present to policy makers
  • EC funders thru 2015 Total $302,381    (2008-2016 Bingham $398,200)

Child Health

  • Physical, mental, nutritional child health
  • EC funders thru 2015 Total $690,578

Children with Special Needs

  • EC funders thru 2015 $393,635

Diversity & Equity

  • Support for dual language learners; children with special needs; increasing number of providers from various cultural groups
  • EC funders thru 2015 Total $54,000

Family Support

  • Home visiting; parent supports; outreach to family/friend/neighbor childcare
  • EC funders thru 2015 Total $688,170

Professional Development

  • Support for conferences, scholarships for providers, CLASS trainings
  • EC funders thru 2015 Total $170,592    (2010-2016 Bingham $233,901)

Quality Rating & Improvement Systems

  • Promotion of QRIS participation; technical assistance to providers enrolled in QRIS, mini-grants to providers for QRIS advancement
  • EC funders thru 2015 Total $12,500

Reading Proficiency

  • Support for communities to participate in 3rd grade reading campaign
  • EC funders thru 2015 Total $1,318,134

Supporting Best Practices & Standards

  • Investments in direct service (e.g.; accreditation cohorts; coaching and mentoring in center based and family child care)
  • EC funders thru 2015 Total  $2,399,569   (2009-2016 Bingham $565,309)

Systems Building & Governance

  • Support of local and state efforts to improve ECE systems; analysis & recommendations
  • EC funders thru 2015 Total $559,830      (2009-2016 Bingham $48,000)
  • Non-philanthropy ally Educate Maine creates two benchmarks for early education — Preschool participation and Preschool access — for its Education Indicators for Maine yearly report.


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